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About us

Sundplast is a Swedish company that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality injection molded plastic parts.

We started working with injection molding in the 1970s and have since built up solid knowledge in technology, materials and design. We can offer complete solutions from idea to finished product, including finishing and packaging.

As a leading player, we work closely with industry professionals and customers to help them develop their products, as well as ensure that the products manufactured are relevant to the market’s needs. Our customers place high demands on quality and delivery precision. Therefore, we are constantly looking for improvements while investing in the development of machines and equipment.

We have brands with our own products, but are mainly a subcontractor to the manufacturing industry in Europe in general and the Nordic region in particular.


AB Sundplast aims for growth and doubles the factory area with a new production hall.

AB Sundplast aims for growth and doubles the factory area with a new production hall.

Despite the pandemic, Sundplast in Helsingborg continued to increase its turnover in 2020. One reason was a strong demand from the healthcare sector for the infectious waste containers that are part of the company’s Safebox business area. Sundplast sees good opportunities for continued expansion for the company’s three business areas and as part of a long-term growth strategy, the construction of a new production hall began in early 2021. The new hall doubles the production area.

Sundplast celebrates 40 years!

Dear customers and suppliers!

AB Sundplast is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year!

Since the start in 1979, we have grown from a small manufacturing company to today with over 20 employees and 24 production lines. Today we are a complete production and service company in injection molding. This has been an exciting journey and we see that we will continue to grow together with our customers and suppliers.


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