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Injection moulding at Sundplast

Since 1970, Sundplast has specialized in injection molding.


In Sweden and the rest of the world, a lot of products are made of plastic. Injection molding is therefore one of the most important and effective working methods when it comes to manufacturing plastic parts and plastic products. Injection molding allows you to produce large volumes of complex products in a flexible way.

Automated injection molding

Injection moulding and its automation of plastics processing was developed at the end of the last century and the use of efficient injection moulding machines has increased significantly since then. In today’s industries, injection molding is a natural choice when it comes to processing plastics. Injection molding is also an economically viable option that is used in several industries around the world such as furniture, electronics, automotive, etc.


Sundplast specializes in the production of high-quality and cost-effective plastic parts in a variety of areas.
Vi började arbeta med formsprutning på 1970-talet och har sedan dess byggt upp en gedigen kunskap inom teknik, material och design.
Sundplast can offer complete solutions from idea to finished product, including finishing and packaging.

We can also offer small-scale injection molding for start-ups, SMEs and well-established companies. We have the resources, tools and skills to provide the support needed to produce everything from prototypes to fully assembled system solutions. Please contact us to find out more about our skills and production capabilities. The main advantages of small-scale production are:

Rapid responses to changes in demand
No risk of overproduction

Small-scale production allows you to start a pilot series of a product with minimal expenses and risks. This places special demands on us as manufacturers, requiring us to be flexible, quickly adapt production processes and meet tight deadlines. Not all plastic manufacturers are able to produce smaller batches as this is associated with a significant increase in unit costs. We guarantee high quality within set deadlines. We develop an efficient pattern of deliveries and start small-scale production of your products under the guidance of our competent project managers.